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Liberec Region

Governor of the Region

Martin Půta

Martin Půta - hejtman Libereckého kraje


The world around us needs changes to become better. We can dream and speak about them. Unless we start to change the thinks which we can reach and influence ourselves, nothing will change. Neither things around us, nor the world where we live. Everybody can start and the best is to start now!  


I came to municipal policy actually by coincident in 2002. A group of people were sharing the opinion that the town is not working as it could be working and many things should get changed. We wanted to be in opposition in Hrádek and supportchanges. The Association HRÁDEK POTŘEBUJE ZMĚNY! (Hrádek needs changes!) won the elections with nearly 40 per cent of the votes and to my own surprise I became the mayor.

I have been in charge of the mayor for the third term (in 2006 the Association HPZ got 50 per cent of the votes and in 2010 60 per cent of the votes) and I try to find solutions of all issues in cooperation with representatives of all parties in the council. The town has successfully completed revitalization of the historical town centre, building the multifunctional centre “Brána Trojzemí”, reconstructing both housing estates, access roads to the frontier crossing to Poland, or a substantial recovery of volunteer firefighters´ technique.

Hrádek nad Nisou is a successful applicant for funding primarily from cross-border European funds. While maintaining property and investing we try not to forget the local parts of the town which were previously independent municipalities. There are five parish committees, which manage their own budgets, and are partners for the management of the town.

In 2010 Hrádek nad Nisou was hit by flood like a large part of Liberec Region. This flood changed the lives of many people, it caused damages of extraordinary extend and reminded us, that nature is stronger, than we would like to admit. The total damage in the town was higher than 500 million CZK, the damage on municipality property reached 240 million. The work on removing damages on bridges, streets and pavements in the town have been taking more than two years. Damages on kindergarten, school and other property were removed thanks to good property insurance and thanks to sponsors´ gifts already in 2010. We prepared eight flood houses for people who lost their homes due to the flood. I would like to appreciate the help of donors, volunteers and all others who came to help when we most needed it. For me personally, the priority of this election term is to complete the reconstruction work in the town, so that the town looks like before 7th August 2010.


wife Sylwia, daughters Verunka, Viktorka and Valerie


High school in Liberec, finished in 1989

Public Administration – Bachelor degree at Metropolitan University Prague, 2010
European Studies and Public Administration – Master studies, Metropolitan University Prague, 2013?

In 2007 I decided to enrich my practical knowledge and experience in public administration by theoretical knowledge in the field of public administration and autonomy. The studies at Metropolitan University Prague are interesting and instructive for me. I am glad, that I have made the proactive resolution to start the studies. I do not regret I devoted to it time and effort and sleepless nights during the examination period. I assume, that the achieved education and academic grades and functions in public administration are not related. For this reason I will neither now nor in the future copy those people whose academic degrees garnishelectionposters.

Previous working experience:

Technologist and production manager in Vulkan a.s. Hrádek nad Nisou (1993 – 2002)
Mayor of Hrádek nad Nisou (since November 2002)
Member of the Committee for regional and economic development of Liberec Region (since November 2004)
Regional councillor of Liberec Region (since February 2007)
Chairman of the Board of the Association of Municipalities in Liberec Region (2008 – 2011)
President of Euroregion Nisa (since March 2011)



I am interested in everything concerning public events, economics and politics. Smart phones have one disadvantageous advantage or advantageous disadvantage: the information flow never ends…. Aktuálně.cz, ČT24, Deník, E15, Facebook and its world, Hospodářské noviny, MF Dnes, Náš Domov – náš kraj, Náš Liberec, Novinky.cz, Parlamentní listy, Radiožurnál, REFLEX, Respekt, Týden, Týden v Libereckém kraji…


TATABOJS are the winner for journeys by car, Emir Kusturica and Jarek Nohavica captured me at music festival Benátská noc, I enjoyed KRUCIPÜSK at the rock festival Hrádecké rockové léto. I am looking forward to a beneficial concert for Grabštejn, opera Libuše by Bedřich Smetana performed by Eva Urbanová will be a great experience. In September I am going to visit some of the classic music Lípa Musica and festivals WORDFEST and SHOTGUN.

Mountain bike, beach volleyball and other sports

I am competitive type. Anyway I spend less time on sports than I wish. Despite my slowly increasing age and higher weight I am looking forward to every occasion to ride bicycle in Lusatian Mountains and get covered by sand on the playground in Kristýna in the summer. After 15th August I would go to see the European Veteran Athletics Championship, which we organize together with the partner town Zittau. It is a good evidence of the fact that we can do sports at all ages.


More than two thousand square metres of grass, a few fruit trees, strawberries and blackberries require regular keeping which I am trying to provide. It is really a good way, how to relax. The reward is then watching my daughters, who are picking up own strawberries, and drinking homemadepear brandy with friends (DistilleryStará Dáma inKřižany).


Last I finished the books The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell, Katyn by Allen Paul and now I am trying to read the book by Michael Morris Was Sie nicht wissen sollen! about western world belonging only to few families which want the rest.


In 2004 when I got married, I got my wife and Poland. Poland is a country whose history is completely different to what I remember from history taught at high school. I am interested in the Polish view on mutual historical events, mainly the Warsaw Uprising and events before and after the 2nd World War.